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1 year ago on 10/22/2012

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Anonymous said:

Hi ,My name is Frank McKinnon Sr. and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED your gif of Tig killing the guard's old lady , might there be a possibility that you post photo stills of this same gif but in jpeg form ?

First off.. THANK YOU! It’s allways a joy to hear that someone appreciate the things one make! And secondly.. Yes I have actually thought about it! It was such a powerful scene and Tigs face and expression were just… brilliant! So yes I will post some caps/stills of that particular scene as soon as I’ve got the time to edit them. So stay with me, they’ll be up in a matter of days!

Peace out. 

"This one’s a problem."
"No she’s not." 

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2 years ago on 10/20/2012

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